We help oncology and rare-oncology focused medical affairs teams build

patient-centric, advocacy-driven, compliant, Medical Affairs shared services teams, through consulting, executive coaching, benchmarking and training workshops.

 We are your behind the scenes experts in patient-centric medical affairs launch excellence.


    The Right Drug, For The Right Patient, At The Right Time

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From pharma to health system, with our patient-centric business framework and scalable patient-journey planning approach, your Biopharma medical affairs functional teams, such as medical information, medical communications, global publications and field medical teams will become the cohesive engine behind innovation, strategy and compliance.



Our proprietary, patient focused, core-value driven approach to Medical Affairs functionality is fully focused on
your customer experience.
Your team is going to become the engine behind medical affairs innovation,
strategy and life transformative post marketing research. 
Prospective Planning
Strategic Systems
Respected Reputation

Our strategy and formula for structuring GMA operational departments facilitates the development of multiple budget savers and value added tactics including a customer insight model that can be used by all MA stakeholders to accurately meet patients and providers MI and MC needs.

Compliance doesn’t have to be seen as a challenge. We create systems and processes to discover, uncover, and recover value in MI initiatives while keeping you audit-ready. New CIA? Takeover? New MSL Team? Globalizing? Just getting started? We help you plan and execute flawlessly.

Every department needs to demonstrate value to the organization in order to be respected. We know the stress of being the head of medical affairs. We help you develop the KPIs, Metrics and the right organizational design and tactics for your corporate ecosystem.

Dr. Anne Arvizu

"I first founded my first consulting firm, RxER Communications in 2004, with the vision of providing patient-centric medical information in its purest sense.  My trademarked tagline, "The Right Drug, for the Right Patient, at the Right Time​" says it all, and has been the foundation for what is known as the 'rights in medicine'. RxER opened the doors to its first headquarters in Miami in 2005 and went on to serve numerous multinational top Pharma clients.


Now, we've evolved. RxER Communications is now Corecentryx.


We specialize in the the capabilities buildout of all operational aspects within Medical Affairs that are mission- critical business support to small biotech companies. We help you build and scale for success. Today we serve small and startup biotech clients across the globe (in the US, Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia Pacific) as the premier global source of patient-centric education and training.
My team and I are demonstrated global team builders, organizational design strategists and visionary leaders in the Biotechnology Fortune 100 and 500 space. I'm a former global biopharma executive & C-suite consultant with 24 years of progressive experience in our industry. My associates and I are adept at building, leading and supporting global medical affairs operations. My leadership experience across GMA as well as CR&D helps me understand your oncology customer universe quickly and bring you solutions, fast. We excel at bringing molecules to market and your Medical Affairs departments to life. And we save your organization from burnout. 


Contact us at the form below to assess partnership with your head of medical affairs today. Corecentryx is your premier Medical Affairs partner. My team and I look forward to making your organization shine!"

For the cure,



Anne Arvizu, PharmD, FASCP, PCC

CEO and Medical Affairs Advisor

Cancer Patient Advocate







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Launch Readiness

Operated by medical affairs professionals with decades of biotech and pharmaceutical industry executive leadership experience. We help you design and assess launch readiness, execute on key value drivers and ensure you are audit ready. Need extra hands? That's what communications companies are for. We create business cases, to executive slide decks, to entire buildout or restructuring support. We are your outsourced head of medical affairs, staff and assistants. Contact us today.

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Patient Centricity Training

We are medical affairs oncology globalization experts. Starting with the crafting of a clear patient journey, bring your product information to the market seamlessly and develop an integrated operational plan per function. Many companies have aggressive pipelines that require rapidly scaleable capabilities. Build on a strong values-based, vision-driven, patient-centric foundation and you will create a team of loyal overperformers. Your patients will thank you.

Consulting & Content

Act as the one-point contact for all your medical affairs needs with access to seasoned advisors and partners in specific niche areas. Stop hiring consultants with MBAs that don't know your business. We are your behind the scenes success partners. Let us lighten your load. Contact us today for a free assessment on any project or to add us to your RFP process.

Our difference is patient centricity: We instill a sense of unity and vision to train your customer-focused enduring medical affairs team.




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